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Frequently Asked Questions Why would I use the EAP? Everyone has times of worry about work, family, or some situations in their personal lives. Associated stress levels vary and occasionally you may feel overwhelmed. An emotional overload can easily interfere


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Sapphire Resource Connection Member Services Portal Use the links below or the ‘Member Services’ menu to access specific content.  If you need immediate assistance please call (866) 767-9511. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) SRC Counselor List Helpful Reading EAP Online Newsletter


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Workplace Services provides professional guidance, when it counts, and aid for managing today’s challenging and increasingly fast-paced organizations and job sites. The scope of everyday issues confronting employers, managers and executives has grown exponentially over time. In direct response, Sapphire

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Sapphire Resource Connection is an excellent resource for employees and supervisors within the organization to access assistance for issues that they face. Access to these services allow employees to improve coping skills, job performance and to maintain an overall healthy work environment.

Renee Joachim Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes

Our EAP services through Sapphire Resource Connection is one of the best tools our supervising staff can provide to their employees on a voluntary basis. I like seeing the increased usage of Sapphire’s clinicians by our employees. It tells me that staff is finding this resource a valuable service for them and their families to assist with the multitudes of complex situations that face all of us every day.

Karen Harrison Western Montana Mental Health Center

Since the inception of Sapphire Resource Connection, Missoula County has chosen them to provide a quality Employees Assistance Program for Missoula County’s large and diverse workforce. Missoula County has provided EAP services for employees since 1988 and for many of those years one of our primary resources has been John Parsons. When John established Sapphire Resource Connection, his EAP reflected John’s commitment to excellence and responsiveness in working with an employer to ensure employees have access to professional assessment and short term counseling. Utilization is strong based on regular employee education and the employer making regular referrals to this free and confidential counseling benefit. With great on line resources; a broad selection of providers and easy access to EAP services, Sapphire Resources Connection is a well-used and well valued benefit of employment here. Thanks John for your dedication to EAP services!

Patty Baumgart Missoula County

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Quarterly EAP Online Newsletter

Quarterly EAP Online Newsletter

Quarterly EAP Online Newsletter – Welcome to Healthy Exchange …your quarterly online newsletter from Sapphire Resource Connection, your Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Each issue provides information to help you better deal with personal, family or work-related concerns. –  Healthy Exchange

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